#videowkd: The Weekend Video Project

This post was originally published on the Wistia blog here.

I don't have a great memory. That's really where this all started.

It's not terrible, but I have a tendency to blink and realize it's already the next season, without appreciating distinct moments in those months that have blurred together.

Chris Lavigne's Non Sequitur blog post on vacation video, particularly his footage of a dreamy Italian adventure, gave me that inspirational itch. I want to be an old lady someday, watching my youthful adventures with a hefty pour of Pinot grigio and a time-worn perspective. Heck, I want to do that tonight for good times I had a few weeks ago!

 Me, pretending to know what I'm doing with my first DSLR in Newburyport, MA.

As Chris described, I vowed to "supplement my brain's powers with moving pictures," and started a casual challenge called #videowkd. Here's the gist:

What is #videowkd?

A non sequitur video challenge for all!

What's the purpose of #videowkd?

Beyond the memory-capturing inspiration above, #videowkd has a practical purpose: get better at making videos. If you're new to video, it can be pretty intimidating to make an important video for your business. Making a personal video of your weekend is a super low-risk way to get comfortable with the process.

On the other hand, if you're a seasoned videographer, chances are you have loads of clips hanging around that you haven't had a reason to edit together. This is a great opportunity to stretch your creative muscles, make short stories, or try something wild and new.

A recent example of one of my #videowkd efforts, shot in the Adirondacks.

How do I jump in?

Make a short video of your weekend and share it on social media with the hashtag #videowkd. Not sure where to start? Just keep your phone or camera handy, shoot a few clips over the weekend, then throw 'em together into a quick story! You'll get better at finding the story with each weekend you shoot. While we love seeing your business videos, this challenge is for non-work-related adventures. Take a load off!

I love this example from Jeremy Hurlburt in Buffalo, NY.

It has been pretty thrilling to see so many people getting involved with #videowkd, and it has also just made for an amazing opportunity to get to know people better. Folks on the Wistia team as well as members of our community have shared glimpses of their real lives and creative spirit. As someone who loves bringing people together, I can't think of anything more awesome than that.

So I challenge you (yes, YOU!) to make a video of your weekend. And the next. And many more to come! Don't worry about having a plan. Just do it. Practice editing it together, telling the story of your time off, and sharing it with everyone. Learn by doing, and collect a library of memories to share with friends and family while you're at it. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Watch more #videowkd examples!

Resources I've found useful along the way: